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Born in the Netherlands,

Mayenne developed an early love for arts and fashion design.

She would cut her clothes and restyle her outfits for as long as her mom can remember. Resulting in a shop stop at an age as early as 12 years old.

Since she was 12 Mayenne made her own outfits from scratch, her mother decided to invest in sewing classes instead of new clothes.

Mayenne started assisting her aunt with the design and creation of her knitwear label at a very young age.

After getting her master in psychology aged 20 Mayenne moved to Belgium where she graduated in fashion design at KASK 4 years later.

Mayenne’s leather designs are timeless pieces made to last. She opened her first shop in 2011 in Gent, Belgium and got featured by The New York Times in 2018. shippes woldwide. You can spot her designs from Australia to Dubai and from Japan to Denmark.

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